Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, July 7

Yes! We're at the dance! But why the pointless detour? Really, it's not like Lynn has to put in placeholder strips until she figures out what she wants to do; she has weeks of lead time.

Panel 1: I wondered why April was so wary, then I realized, that's Jeremy!

Panel 2: What IS Becky doing up there with the DJ, anyway? Not about to go roadside, I hope.

Panel 3: Well, we were thinking the same thing. And really, April has displayed a tendency to act as if the other three band members are her backup, so why should Becky be loyal?

Panel 4: You don't look too confident there, babe. Where's that smug, closed-eye Patterson look?

Panel 5: Jesus H., that nose has its own area code. And I wonder if Lynn had this exact pun planned two years ago when she named the band.


I am reminded of the scene in That Thing You Do! when Guy meets his idol at the jazz club. It is so true what Del Paxton said, "Can't keep a band together. Bands come and go. What's important is your music." I wonder if Lynn understands that, or if this storyline will be about trying to keep the band together at all costs, and if Becky won't play ball, that means she's a horrible, ungrateful brat.
Tags: evil becky, grad, jeremy jones

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