Kiki (apologyhat) wrote in binky_betsy,

Liz's letter

Hey All--Liz here! By now, I'm sure you've heard the news; Mom's been telling everyone. Anthony and I have decided to get married this summer! We haven't set a date or anything yet, or done a whole lot of planning, but we know we definitely want it to happen this summer.
It's the weirdest thing--right after I made the decision, and then told Anthony about it, I sort of launched into this other project of trying to find a babysitter for Francie. I mean, there's SO MUCH stuff to do before the wedding, and I got completely distracted! I'm not even sure what started it--maybe it was Dee talking about how difficult it is to be a parent? It doesn't even make sense, because I know Francie has a sitter--she stays somewhere when Anthony is at work, plus his mom helps out a lot. I was talking to Candace this week, and I was telling her about this; she got really quiet and didn't say much, so I was like, "You're the psychiatrist--what does this mean?" And she said, "Well, actually, I'm a counselor, but to me it says that you're not really ready to get married, and you're trying to come up with excuses to put of thinking about it." I dunno. Maybe I just figured that Mom would take over, so I didn't want to get too involved right at the beginning.
Speaking of, Mom isn't too much into it either. She and Connie have been gardening non-stop for the past week. I went over to help one day, and it's so strange--Mom was just telling all these old stories about Mike. Not even embarrassing ones--just dumb ones. I don't get it.  Hopefully, she'll get this out of her system soon.
Well, we have the dress for sure. Dee's been helping me alter it. Actually, she's been doing all the changes; I'm not even sure what the final product will look like, which is kind of exciting. She also said she'll help out with the flower girls dress and stuff like that, too. Dee's really the best--I'm thinking about having her be my matron of honor. I've been spending so much time with her late--in fact, I can't even remember the last time I was at my own place. It seems like I'm dividing my time between hers and Mom and Dad's, and sometimes with Anthony.
I asked Candace about being my maid of honor, but she sorta hemmed and hawed, saying she was super-busy this summer, and since these plans are kinda last minute, she might not be able to do a whole lot. She's definitely coming to the wedding, though.  I need to call her again and talk to Rudy--I added up the bridesmaids I'm going to have (April, Dee, Dawn, Shawna-Marie, and Candace) and realized that I'm not sure if Anthony has enough people to be groomsmen so it will be even! Anthony and Rudy haven't met each other, but I'm sure they'd get along--they both have weird senses of humor; they're always making the strangest references that have nothing to do with anything!
Okay guys--next time you hear from me, I'll have a ton more details about the wedding!

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