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The Pets' Letter, July 2008

Hey peeps! April here, with the info on the animals.

So I'm writing the pets' letter again this month but only because they don't have opposable thumbs and can't do it themselves. I told mom she should do it, since school ended and I started work at the veterinary clinic, but mom says she is too busy taking care of her children (Merrie and Robin) 5 days a week and everyone else is too busy preparing for Liz’s wedding. The only ones really preparing for Liz’s wedding seem to be Liz and Deanna. Mom spends most of her time over at Connie Poirier’s helping her with her garden and talking about Mike when he was little.

I like the veterinary clinic so far. It’s kind of like the job I had when I was eight, volunteering at the animal shelter. I clean out the cages and I do whatever odd jobs the veterinarian, Dr. Garber, or her staff needs to be done. It’s a lot less complicated than last year, when I went to the vet clinic in Winnipeg with my cousin Laura, and I got to help out with a couple of surgeries. I like the animals, even though they are not there for very long. Dr. Garber says not to get too attached, but it’s hard to do that. It's a great place. The cages are big and clean and there's a yard to run in for the dogs that get along with each other - or aren't in heat. Mom said that the vet clinic will be good experience for me, in case I wanted to buy the place for my own practice some day. Mom is so weird sometimes.

Eddy is becoming a couch potato now. When I walk him, he doesn't get excited about every blade of grass and every butterfly and telephone pole and snail and rock and fencepost. And by excited, I mean urine marking on them. He used to pull on the leash so hard that he'd drag me around the block to urine mark on things, but now he's grown up and acting "old". Actually, in dog’s years, he's almost as old as Grandpa Jim. Mom and Dad got really upset when Eddy tried to urine mark their new birch tree, the one they bought from Lawrence Poirier to replace the old birch tree which fell on the house. They put this birch tree far away from the house to make extra sure it wouldn’t cause the same problem. They got nervous when Eddy tried to mark it, like that would kill the tree or something. I think they may be putting something in his food. Eddy is so lethargic now, he didn’t even get up when Elizabeth sat beside him and told him about her wedding plans. Can you believe it? Of course it could be because he was the second one to know about it, after Mom. Being a dog has its privileges, not like the groom.

I don’t know what to say about Dixie. She doesn’t hang around Edgar anymore. She’s just an unhappy puppy. She kind of pitifully sniffs at her food and you can feel her ribs, which Dr. Garber said is not a good thing. (Mom says being able to feel your ribs is a good thing, even though she can't feel hers.) The last time I went to visit Grandpa Jim, I couldn’t get Dixie to come with me, and she never misses a chance to visit Grandpa Jim. Now that I am working at the vet clinic, I might have to sneak Dixie over for a visit.

I think Shiimsa's doing well. My mother cat-sat while Liz was over at Deanna’s doing bride things. She said it was a good experience for when Liz goes on her honeymoon and she has to take care of 2 new children (Shiimsa and Françoise) 5 days a week. The two of them have an agreement. Shiimsa hides from Mom and Mom feeds Shiimsa. It seems to work for them. I wonder if she will work the same deal with Françoise.

I went to visit Merrie and Robin (I don’t get to babysit them anymore since Mom took over) and also to visit Butterscotch. Robin told me Buttsy had a tick in her ear last week - it was really gross and got really swollen until it looked like a big icky grape. Ewww. I wish Merrie hadn’t told Robin it was a grape. Deanna was really ticked off at Merrie for that! Wow, that was the kind of joke my dad would make. I'm spending wayyy too much time at home these days.


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