Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, July 2

Panel 1: All the angles are off, it seems: the spotlight's not hitting her, her arms are perpendicular to the keyboard, and she's singing past the mike instead of into it.

Panel 2: However, it looks like she's really into it. And not the farcical kind of face-screwed-up, giving-110%-so-everyone's-too-embarrassed-to-laugh exuberance, but genuine passion for singing.

Panel 3: And is that some breast side-swell I see?

Panel 4: Yeah, that's Duncan.

Well, I dunno where this is going. I can't read those expressions. It does seem like this song was written specifically for grad*, so Becky can't be accused of stealing it. She doesn't seem to have made a fool of herself, so she won't be humbled. Maybe this is the moment when she proves that there's more to her than being roadside? What say you?

*and I hope that's the last time I ever have to use that word.
Tags: evil becky, grad

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