dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 8 June 2008

In what seems to me to be an early Father's Day strip, we're being subjected to another example of Lynn jabbing us in our collective ribcage about how wrong we are as we see Mike stand in the background as the Patterspawn interact with Jim.

Panel 1: We start off the proceedings in the foyer of the Pattermanse as Deanna is warning the children to behave today. Why she's dressing them for autumn when it's in the mid-eighties is a mystery.

Panel 2: The reason: They're going to drive Grampa Jim to the park for some fresh air.

Panel 3: As they park the hovercar at the park, Mike remarks that the children are excited about bringing him to the park. Jim's respone: "Yes!"

Panel 4: Deanna and Mike comment on how they've found a good picnic spot.

Panel 5: Meredith and Robin volunteer to help him to the table. That's kinda cute. It beats blathering about a bad novel or asking him if he'll allow one of them if s/he can wear his wife's alleged dress after s/he's already comandeered it all hollow.

Panel 6: We continue with the theme of youth in the service of the elderly as they and Mike get Jim sat down. Mike's expression is supposed to indicate that he doesn't want Jim to suffer discomfort or fall or something but instead makes you think he's afraid of catching old people germs.

Panel 7: Jim gets "Are you OK?" in stereo from his great-grandchildren and answers yes in mono.

Panel 8: Robin, who at this point is probably wishing he didn't sound like one of the kids from Family Circus, asks him if he's comfortul. Jim, who's glad he's not Dead Grandpa, says yes.

Panel 9: Mike emits a chunk of syllables indicating that he's proud of his kids for being more thoughtful than he's ever been in his thirty-two years stinking up the planet.

Panel 10: Meredith then asks Jim if she and Robin could ride in his wheelchair. She means well but is, as normal with a tiny child, unaware of Jim's physical limitations. The sudden realization that a small child doesn't actually see what an adult would causes both men to be mildly gobsmacked.

Summary: It's harmless enough but, as commodorejohn said, they've spent more meaningful time with the man in one afternoon that their father has in the last five years.

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