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The Pets' Letter, June 2008

Arf! April here with a letter from the annermals at the zoo that is our house.

The dawgs are insanely happy all the time - Mom is always coming in and out of the house, so they get to greet her five or six times a day and that always involves jumping up and down, wagging and getting patted. Mom even said she brushed down Eddy on Mother’s Day, when she should have been relaxing. You know Mom! Can’t stop working, even on Mother’s Day.

I asked her if she brushed down Dixie too, but she didn’t. I don’t know what is going on with Mom and Dixie. She hasn’t spent any time with Dixie in months. She always walks Eddy when she goes on her walks with Connie Poirier and her dog, Sera. I have noticed that Dixie growls a little when Mom starts telling stories about 1979, and maybe this has something to do with it. I growl a little when mom does that too.

I walk both the dogs around the block a few times to make sure they both get their exercise, and I usually play with them for a bit at night if I have time. So they get plenty of attention from me. Sometimes, Dad throws a ball for them in the back yard, but he is out of town a few weeks for a dentist convention.

The dawgs also get plenty of attention from Robin and Merrie when Mike and Deanna bring them over for Mom to “baby-sit”. Mike and Deanna learned that they can get Mom to baby-sit for the price of some cheap flowers, and that’s less than paying me to come to their house and baby-sit. Cheapskates! I try not to be grumpy when Robin and Merrie are around and Mom is baby-sitting them instead of me; but I could use the money for university more than Mom needs flowers.

Speaking of grumpy, Liz says Shiimsa was upset by Warren Blackwood popping into her apartment unannounced a few weeks ago. Liz said the cat's not used to people popping in except for Candace. (I asked Liz about Anthony and his daughter popping in, but Liz changed the subject. I guess they haven’t been to Liz’s apartment yet.) Liz said that thanks to Warren’s visit, Shiimsa sulked in the hall closet for three days, then sulked on the bed for three days and spent another day or two on the top shelf of Liz's bookcase. Liz was saying she has to stay in this apartment until she gets married and moves in with Anthony - and that will mean moving again. After the bad mood Shiimsa was in after her last move to this apartment, she doesn't want to put up with a snitty kitty again too soon. Another reason to take the wedding slow, as if Liz needs any more.

I don’t know too much about Buttsy. I used to see her when I went to babysit for Mike and Deanna, but you know how that is these days. Deanna says she is still alive; and if she’s living with Deanna, you know there are plenty of carrots around.

Bye fur now!

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