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John's Letter, June 2008

Hello, everyone. I know it's not quite the first of the month yet but because I'm on the road, I've got to mail it off a trifle early. I'm attending a dental convention in Hamilton to get up to speed with the latest techniques and equipment. Now, I know it sounds a bit strange since I'm semi-retired and getting moreso soon enough but I don't want to be behind the curve when it comes to something important. I've been behind too many to begin with. To sort of hint at what I'm talking about, if I had to guess, Elly and Connie are probably sitting at the Tim Hortons swapping war stories right about now. I wonder if she's thinking about the early years. I was in a really dark place back then, I'm ashamed to admit. I spent most of the first years of our marriage in what could only be called panic and I lashed out at the nearest person handy: Elly. It occurs to me that the mess and shouting I used to have to deal with was the result of a domino-effect of surliness. Too bad saying I'm sorry can't unbreak the egg, so to speak. If it could, I wouldn't have as many bad memories. Ah, well. since you can't do anything but do better next time, you gotta move on.

Anyway, back to the here and now. A lot of the current tension in Elly's life comes from Liz and Anthony proceeding at their own pace towards the longed-for wedding. There was almost a bit of a bump as her friend Warren explained why he'd done what he had; a close friend of his died in an accident and had really got to him. His meeting up with Liz was his way of trying to right himself again. In any event, he's got a job in the Middle East for an oil company and, from what I understand, came over to let Elizabeth down easy. Not that he could recreate what had yet to be created. The only thing standing in her and Anthony's way right now is time because I really don't see Therese getting up to too much mischief. What's she gonna do? Say "I was right! You were thinking of her all along!" Even if I believed that, it doesn't make him a monster as much as it does someone who couldn't get the nerve up to say "This ain't working." As for a custody battle, we'll deal with that when and if it happens.

That brings me to Michael. I know that in the past, I expressed confusion that he enjoyed what looked to me like spending the rest of his life in (brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!) English Comp shoveling nonsense, to put it politely, onto a page. I attended the big soiree for his latest book only to find him smiling too widely and accepting praise too enthusiastically. He later told me that he wasn't really proud of the thing but, well, Elly was happy with it so he was going to hold his nose and cash his royalty cheques. It sort of balances out her criticism of his latest neat idea. He'd noticed that Jim and Iris weren't getting too many vegetables in their diet and decided to go down to the farmer's market and do something about it. On the drive home, it hit him that Jim doesn't have too much time with us and he somehow had to help show Merrie and Robin that his dying was part of the cycle of life. What he did was got a bunch of wine boxes together, turned them into planters and started a bit of a vegetable garden in his back yard. Anyway, Elly butted in with a whole bunch of reasons why it was a bad idea. If she'd have come up with it, maybe things would be different but, well, they aren't. She should be a bit flattered that Michael is trying to impose the structure he rejected as a child on his own kids but, well, she's not. He accepted her ways too late to satisfy her. Ah, well. Maybe when April's at University and we can spend some time not worrying about the children, she can take some me time and chill out, as they used to say.

Speaking of cooling it, it's almost my bedtime. I used to be able to put in all nighters with the best of'em but that was long ago. If I don't get to sleep by 10, I'm no good for the rest of the next day. So, until next month....


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