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I have to admit, I loved the trip to Montreal at the first of the month! My oldest friend, Maxine and her wife Betsy, were just the folks I needed to see. They let me sleep until noon, took me shopping, we went out for facials, watched trashy movies, and had a blast! It’s such a shame that I don’t get to spend more time with Maxine.

I came home to one of those moments that, if you didn’t know that somebody was trying to impress you, would drive you crazy. Mike had the kids paint recycled wine boxes and plant them with herbs! Skipping the fact that my children saw their father digging though the dumpster to get the ‘planters’ and then painted them, those boxes weren’t meant to hold a garden. An A for effort, I guess.

And then there’s the fact that I paid for a subscription to CSA for organic food. Mike swears he’ll can/freeze what we can’t eat…. We’ll see about that.

I know I’m being a little pissy at the moment, but I can’t help it. Robin was sick last night and I ended up changing the sheets three times and give him two baths. Mike was a help, but to be blunt… it was coming out of both ends. We nearly took him to the hospital, but thankfully we didn’t. Did you hear about that poor woman who was on a stretcher for 5 days waiting to be admitted to a hospital? That’s the one we would have taken him to!

I have to admit with the garden, once Mike explained he wanted a way to spend time with the kids and help them foster better nutritional habits- and help them learn about death, I could appreciate what he did.

I know I hinted last month that maybe Merrie wasn’t an accident. The truth was that she was very much an accident of timing. After the wedding, I got very depressed. Before starting anti-depressants, the doctor and I decided to try to cycle off the pill first and see if that was increasing my problems. After Merrie was born, we tried another pill, which didn’t cause so much depression, which is a good thing, I think.

Work is going okay. I don’t really like some of the changes upper management is causing, and I’m seen as the bad woman as I have to enforce them. If they get too bad, I’ll just find another job. That’s the nice thing about my field, I can leave if I want to.

Right now, all I want is to get back to bed.

Until next month,


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