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By now, you know that my next book was released, Blood Cargo. With that comes a flurry of publicity, including a web page that should be lunched next month. April recommended a very creative friend of hers to run the page, and quite frankly, I’m afraid to know what’s going into to. All I really understand is that it’s to have my picture with my autograph under it, a blog, and a link to Amazon to promote it. I guess I really don’t have to understand it to benefit from it.

Truth be told, Blood Cargo was based on a nightmare Dee had after seeing the first pirate of the Caribbean. It was a short story that I extended under pressure from the publisher. It’s an okay story but… I’m no huge fan of it.

Lately, I haven’t been a fan of my own work… I’m suffering from a case of writer’s block at the moment.

Dee suggested that maybe I look at returning to school to be a professor. Liz is the teacher, not I, but I must admit the idea has some merit. This way, I could bring home a steady paycheck, work on ideas in my own time that interests me, and show the kids the value of an education. The con side is the cost and the fact it would take away from my free lance articles, which truth be told, I like more than the creative writing. I’d hate to end up as poor as my mother thinks we are.

Changing the subject, as I am tired and sore- Robin was up sick late last night and I was busy in the garden most of the day. The newest things around here are the gardens I planted while Dee was in Montreal.

It started when I realized that Grandpa Jim doesn’t get a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, and took Robin and Merrie to a farmer’s market. I watched the way they savored the foods that they sampled as we picked out enough fresh produce to last him and Iris for a week, and my mind drifted to a not so happy event, when my grandfather would die. I wasn’t sure how to prepare the kids for what was coming when my eye spied a dying plant.

I’m hoping to help the kids to accept that people die, but life goes on by gardening. It’s not original, it’s not unique and it’s a little over there heads, but I hope by helping them tend to a garden, they being to realize life has a cycle.

So we started small, a tea garden for Mommy. I tried to tie in the garden with a green angle and recycled the wooden boxes that wine comes in. The kids painted the planters and then planted several kinds of mint and other herb like things… tea is not really my thing, I went by what the farmer told me.

Then I got to thinking about how hard it is to get the kids to eat their veggies and bought corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, sunflowers and beans. It is my hope that by having the kids grown the vegetables themselves, they will look forward to eating them.

Now Robin, Merrie and myself spend at least two hours a day in our small patch of earth, spending time with each other. I can write books, but I’m working with Merrie’s therapist to learn how to grow children.

That and build my rogue up to a level 70 within the next two months. Merrie is getting quite bright about realizing when I’m too caught up in WOW to pay attention to her, and she’s managed to exploit it. I’ve got to cut out the gaming until after the kids go to sleep.

Until next month,


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