Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, June 27

What th'? What happened to the color?

Panel 1: Elongated shadows again. And another time jump: we don't know how the problem was resolved. I guess this is another of those things Lynn thinks should be "left to the readers' imagination!". Anyway, the dogs are in the garage instead of out back? Maybe it was easier.

Panel 2: Another hidden neckline. And Shiimsa is traumatized, poor dear. Now what's the deal with that? Are there no dogs in Mtwikipedia? Or is this another way Natives are more virtuous than White People: Native dogs would NEVER act aggressively towards a cat?

Panel 3: Someone pointed out April's "mom jeans" yesterday. And today, Liz has "mom pants": baggy enough in the crotch to stretch if she has her feet six inches apart. And April's still doing the arm thing to hide her bosom. Why not just give her a feather fan, like Sally Rand? And is that a sheer dress? If it is, then I think that is inappropriate for a 14 y/o.

Panel 4: Look at Shiimsa's eyes, peering out from the darkness of the carrier. But why is the door closed?

Panel 5: I think this is the panel that parents are supposed to warn their kids not to look at, lest they be corrupted by the scandalous sight of...A CLAVICLE!

(And meanwhile, Liz sure has some breedin' hips.)
Tags: grad, shiimsa, the martian creature

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