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Binky Betsy

Wednesday, March 16

"An'"s: Two.

Not sure why there was an ellipsis in "besides...she's ready!" Is it that this is a big reveal? Or is starting daycare such a momentous occasion that April is in awe at the concept?

Okay, so I displayed some ignorance yesterday. I've since been informed that Lynn actually gave a very accurate rendition of Yonge Street. My bad.

Today's strip: Elly looks like one of the Living Dead in panel 1. And she's in her robe. How late is it? I saw that Merrie was being put into her nightgown when April left M&D's apartment, but even factoring in travel time, either they stay up really late, or Elly goes to bed really early.

Panel 2: When someone gets the Vader silhouette, that means they're not happy about something. So I take it Elly has a problem with M&D changing apartments? Then in panel 3, April and Elly appear to be the same height. Well, perhaps they are.

Panel 4: Oh, that's funny, Lynn! April's talking about how fast kids grow up, as if she's not a kid, but Elly thinks she is one! :::wipes tear from eye::: That sure is one meaty buttcheek, though. I guess she IS growing up fast!

Now, check out the Point/Counterpoint comment in Elly's Revenge!
Tags: moving, patterspawn, the martian creature

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