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Liz's Letter

Hey All--

Liz here! It's been a pretty slow month, so I don't have too much to share.

Things have chilled out a bit at school. The weather's getting nicer, and kids are getting antsier, so it's field trip season! My class went to the Mattawa museum near North Bay--it's a history museum entirely in a small log cabin--an original from the first French explorers in the area. This was my first field trip with the class, and I was a little nervous. Luckily, I had a few parent chaperons helping out, keeping on eye on everyone for me. Discipline was a different matter, though--that mostly fell on me. It was funny to me how a kid wouldn't respond to his mother, but would listen to me! I suppose I did the same thing when I was a kid--be so polite to my teachers, but be a terror to my mom!

I must admit, when I told the kids to find a "buddy" for the trip before we headed out, watching them pair up brought back some fun memories. It reminded me of the days when Dawn and I were default "buddies" on field trips. We were about the same age as my students when the Enjos moved next door; I never really had any close friends until I met her. Writing this letter reminded me that calling her is on my list of things to do. We emailed back and forth last month, but it would be nice to talk with her, too.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but she and her fiance live in Ottawa; they moved there right after Dawn graduated college (I think David graduated the year before her) and she seems pretty happy there. However, it's a long drive--almost five hours, which is a bit too long for just a weekend visit--so she doesn't come back home to Milborough too often, especially since her parents, like mine, "downsized" into a smaller house recently, and moved closer to Toronto.

Of course, I need to mention the wedding--everyone has been asking about it! Anthony and I are waiting until the summer to start the planning phase, since I'll be off from school, and have more time to dedicate to it. We really haven't talked to much about it--I hope we're on the same page in regards to how big it should be, how religious it should be, and other stuff. Plus, we're in no hurry, and we're both still having things slow.

Mom's been pressuring me to set a date, though. Every time I call, it's the first thing she brings up. Like last weekend, she said that she wants to know if the wedding will be in late November or December, because she knows Moria's always in need of extra help during the Christmas season, and Elly wants to let her know if she can count on her or not. Come on, Mom! Moira is NOT making the schedules 8 months in advance!

She's even dragging poor Connie Poirier into this, saying that even Connie was telling her how strange it is that we've been engaged for a month, and still haven't set a date. No way! Connie's always been more open-minded than Mom about stuff like this, so I'm sure she's just making it up to put more pressure on me.

So hopefully next month I'll have more information to share with you. But for the time being, I just have the dress and the groom, and that's all that you really need, right?

Thanks for listening!



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