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The Pets' Letter, May 2008

Hi folks - this is Dee, filling in for April. We're trading favours - she offered to watch the kids while Liz and I were out digging through the crawl spaces of some friends of ours to find things for her wedding, if I gave you the update on the animals. So, here goes!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Mike and I got this house to ourselves. Of all the animals who lived here last year, only Butterscotch stayed with us. Butterscotch is a favourite of Robin's. He loves bunnies; he's had a stuffed rabbit since he was a baby - it was a gift from April - and it used to be his favourite until he met Butterscotch. I mean until Butterscotch met his stuffed rabbit. Ever since Butterscotch saw that stuffed bunny, she won't let it out of her sight. Robin says Butterscotch thinks his stuffed bunny is a real bunny. I think I understand it. There's something about bunnies that's inherently appealing in plush form. I think it's the big floppy ears and the poofy tail. Elly told me that Butterscotch used to be in love with her bunny slippers. At first I thought it was little unusual behaviour for a bunny, but after I have seen her electrify herself over and over again on the cables and wires in our house no matter what we put on them to stop her, I am glad we have a live pet rabbit at all, much less a one which knows a stuffed bunny from a real one.

Last Mother’s Day, I thought about getting a puppy from my friend Kai, whose dog had just had 6 puppies. But, my children misbehaved so much on the trip to see Kai, there was just no way I was going to reward them with a puppy after we got there. It’s too bad, because I think it would have been good to have a young dog around the house, just like Mike used to have Farley when he was growing up.

Our next door neighbour, Connie Poirier, has a dog named Sera, who is the mother of Elly’s dog Edgar with Mike’s old dog Farley. I thought after we moved into the house, we would get to know Connie (and Sera) better. But Connie seems to be content to walk Sera down to Elly’s house, where they take walks with Edgar and Sera together. They sometimes let the two dogs run loose out in the local park for their exercise. It’s good exercise for both the dogs and the ladies.

I have a soft spot for Dixie, personally. My parents weren't keen on us having pets when I was younger, but our next-door neighbour used to have a dog like Dixie and my sister Andrea and I would sometimes walk her. She was a smart, friendly dog and she would come when you called her. She reminds me a lot of Dixie. I love Dixie’s colouring and bearing and the way she likes to "herd" my children, when we go over to Elly’s for a visit. I especially like the way Dixie will come when you call her if you let her loose in a park.

Eddy is more like a rambunctious uncle, or a big goofy teddy bear. But when he has been let loose in a park, he is more like a big furry menace just fast enough to keep you from catching him. I wish Connie and Elly wouldn’t let Eddy off his leash in the park. Elly is hardly in good enough shape to catch dogs anymore and Connie looks more and more like Elly every day. It’s fun when Eddy runs circles around the kids in a fenced-in backyard, but it is not as fun when he runs circles around me and Mike in an open park, after Elly calls us to help her catch him.

Shiimsa, Liz tells me, is the queen of her castle in Liz’s apartment. Cats are very much creatures of habit, and they find themselves confused when their routines are disrupted. I have been curious how Shiimsa has done with Liz’s fiancé Anthony Caine and his daughter Françoise. Liz says Shiimsa's pretty used to them by now and has given her approval. Sometimes I think Liz anthropomorphizes that cat, but then again cats are generally a lot smarter and more personable than they get credit for. On the other hand, the more time I spend with Liz, the more I get the feeling that Anthony and Françoise Caine have never been inside Liz’s apartment and met her cat. In fact, I think the only one of the family who has been inside Liz’s apartment is April, but that can’t be right. Surely!

Anyway, that's it for the pets this month!
See you later.

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