team_kelpfroth (team_kelpfroth) wrote in binky_betsy,

Fun with Crayola's Model Magic...or, my Elly voodoo doll post

OK, no comments about my extreeeemely bad sculpting abilities, my lack of a life or the peculiar colors used in this model.  I had a very limited selection of colors to choose from and also didn't feel like wasting time trying to sculpt a real body for Elly of all people.

Anyway, I wanted a voodoo doll that I could pose in various photographs, and since Lynn's store lacks Patterson action figures (which I wouldn't spend my hard earned cash on anyway), I took matters into my own hands.

So, once in awhile I might post a pic or two if I get an inspiration.  Here's a family photo of our friends the Patterschmucks, at least as I see it (this better work!):


For those of you wondering what happened to April, this photo tells the story...


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