dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Elly's Letter, May 2008

It's been an interesting, if not exactly positive, month. First off, Liz and Anthony seem to be taking their sweet time getting married. You'd think they'd be in a bit more of a rush given all the time they spent getting to this point but no. Let's be, as John said, "careful" careful and let everyone else wait for them to decide things. Speaking of which, he's scaling his days at his practice back even further this September. That means I can finally prevail upon him to get some things done around the house. You wouldn't believe what contractors want to charge for even the simplest things nowadays. It's not like he wouldn't be glad of the work because even he can't play with his silly trains all the time. Who knows? I might even wean him away from spending money on stupidity. I also need some help with April. I admit I might have overstated how she reacted when I was just trying to help but and she might have gotten the raw end of things but I'm under a bit of pressure here. Y'see, that woman has gotten to Michael and Deanna with all her talk of therapy. She must have because what other reason would he have for writing an article that said he was a failure in every aspect of his life? At least he didn't blame me. That's what therapy is about: blaming the mother for everything in the patient's life. It's like they're all Ted McAuley, thinking that I want chaos and disappointment and hurt feelings because I'm in love with feeling bad. So he was about Jean thinking John had an affair with Fiona? Doesn't mean he's right about that. Stuff like that just happens and you have to shut up about it and move on. So Merrie is scared about the fire, she's alive. So Robin talks funny; he's better off not having that gadget so people can tease him. So what if the principal said I was the only one calling the girl with the orthodontia Tin-grin? Everyone was thinking it. Anyways, let's hope things pick up for me this month.


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