Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, June 23

I figured we wouldn't get any road strips. Hoped, anyway. Thank heavens we weren't subjected to the crisis of Liz letting Shiimsa out at a rest stop to stretch her legs and fleeing like a bat out of hell.

Panel 1: Now, is the tail of Elly's jacket lifted in the air from the force of the hug, or because her butt is so big? And what does "It was a long trip" have to do with being met? And it looks like one of the boxes has "Patterson" in print, the other in cursive. Odd.

Panel 2: In the color version I get, Elly and Liz are both filtered red. So a station wagon is a nice set of wheels? --And there goes Lynn again with the dash at the beginning of the sentence.

Panel 3: Car leaping in the air as usual. Unnecessary comma.

Panel 4: WTF? Liz looks like John! And what is with her hair? She looks either like she was riding in the Bushwhacker, or as if she's gotten that grade-schoolteacher bird's-nest-on-the-head do. And look at her strutting, gripping each item so powerfully. I wonder if Lynn will have time to illustrate her culture shock: "Life is so easy in the suburbs. In Mtwikipedia (tm somebody else) we have to do everything by HAND!"

Panel 5: Sigh. Well, maybe THIS will be the "clash of the titans" Lynn promised us so long ago. Notice how Lynn's signature is included in Dixie's sound-f/x balloon.
Tags: grad, pets, shiimsa

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