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Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm opening up this thread for those of us who get the Sunday strip in the Saturday paper. My initial guess was that it'll be April's birthday wherein Elly displays thinly-veiled contempt for the inconvenience who kept her from wasting her time the same way the empty-nesters she envies do. My guess was wrong because April is now too old to have have a birthday depicted in the strip.

Panel 1: We see Deanna and Robin at the hair stylists. Despite the distractions offered, he balks.

Panel 2: This causes Deanna to get peeved as evidenced by a black cloud appearing over her angry face. My reaction: "Suck it up, lady! Nobody but you cares if a three-year-old gets angry because he's having a hair cut because nobody knows who you are."

Panel 3: Her reaction to this minor reverse is to give the hell up on getting his hair cut in public as she takes him home. Reason? She's too squishy inside to actualy comfort him.

Panel 4: Instead, she approaches him while he's asleep with a pair of scissors.

Panel 5: She then proceeds to cut his hair herself. Lynn chooses to reminds us she's cutting his hair by surrounding Dee's hands with the words "Cut" and "Snip". It doesn't seem to have occured to her how to explain his shorter hair in the morning. All she knows is that she has to cut his hair. Does it matter to her that it's an insane and unjustifiable risk to his safety by doing this?

Panel 6: The horrified reaction she has to his sudden turn means it does not. She didn't realize till then she had every chance of suddenly gouging out an eye or putting a notch in his ear because it had never occured to her till then that human beings do not go all rigid when they sleep. They twitch and turn, despite their mother's desire that they be inert.

Panel 7: She waits until he settles down instead of getting over her martyrdom and going back to letting a professional do this.

Panel 8: And goes back to work.

Panel 9: After she finishes, she thinks "Done".

Panels 10 to 13: Realizing that he'd wake up in an itchy bed full of hair, she has Mike help her change his sheets. I'd like to see her explain that away, too. He'll wake up with shorter hair and in different sheets and he'll be itching like crazy because they didn't change his PJs so I'd like to see her try to come up with an excuse.

Panel 14: A tired, angry Dee promises to trim his nails the same way the following hight. A gobsmacked Mike realized he may have married a crazy woman.

Hypothesis: Deanna is made of fail as a mother because she'd do something complex like this when in real life it's a desperation move used only in extreme circumstances instead of showing average kid Robin by example that it will not, like he expects and Meredith probably told him, hurt if his hair or toenails are cut. Lynn is made of fail because she's just given her fans a fresh new way to remind their children they have no say what happens to them.

ETA: As trumanf pointed out, FBorFW.com shows a different strip altogether: the strip for April 20th. In the one on Foob Central, Edgar is seen digging a bone out of the Tiny Train House's backyard. This makes April tell Elly she needn't feed him as he's dining out. Sure, Veterinary Martian. An old soup bone is just as nourishing as that can of horse meat Elly shlupped into his dish.

ETA 2: They finally got the right strip up. Too bad they did so at 9:30 EDT on the following Monday!

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