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Submitted for your approval:

Here we are at the beginning of April and winter is finally start to release its grip. Along with change of seasons, there's another change in our lives as Elizabeth and Anthony have finally announced that they're engaged. I perhaps shouldn't say 'finally' but Elly's enthusiasm is contagious. It's so rare to see her excited and happy about something that you'd have to be made of stone not to join in. I know that Anthony isn't to everyone's tastes and all but he's sort of perfect for Elizabeth. He's got faults, faults that would horrify you if you listened to what philandering buffoon college buddies said about his being a manipulative genius, but it's clear that he will never leave her side no matter what. For someone who wants stability as much as she does, he's the ideal man. Besides, I need people around for backup when the cheese finally slips off Elly's cracker and she starts in on a rampage over some minor inconvenience. She's showing signs of that because Mike and Deanna have "dared" to act as if she didn't have final say over how Meredith and Robin are raised. She's acting as if Merrie's having to talk about the fire or Robin's getting help with the hearing problem his illness caused is a reflection on her, of all things. For all that you want to step in, you have to remember that you're not going to live forever. The kids have to cut the umbilical cord sooner or later. I mean, we did. I don't want my parents telling me how to live. Sooner or later, Dee's going to remind her who the parents are and she'll have to be restrained.
I'd like to continue but it seems that Elly is about to rant about our dying of ptomaine poisoning because the way my mother taught me to do dishes isn't sanitary enough. I'll tell more about life at Casa Patterson next month.

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