Molly (fairest1) wrote in binky_betsy,

Meredith's April 2008 Letter

Hi, Everyone!

Meredith here again. Mother Nature doesn't seem to get that it's spring yet, since it's still cold and snowy out. I like to go sledding and make snowmen and stuff, but now I miss going swimming and watching fireflies.

Easter was fun – we got four whole days off from school, and Robin and I both got Easter baskets full of candy. I like the marshmallow chicks and the Kinder Surprise eggs. Mom took us to a new church on Easter, which was okay. When we went last year, we just sat on a hard bench and listened to someone talk and it didn't make much sense. This year, Robin and I got to play with some other kids and make paper flowers and a nice woman talked about Easter and what it meant, and I understand now. Except how the bunnies fit in.

School is okay. It's getting harder now, and we have more tests. Miss Corbeilson talked to Mom and Dad and asked if I wanted to have someone to talk to about the fire that could help me. I said yes, and Doctor Cadenhead is very nice and payed lots of attention to me. She taught me some things to do when I feel nervous to help me calm down, and she showed me how to use a small fire extinguisher – it's fun to make the foam shoot out. I know where all the fire extinguishers in the house are, just in case, and Robin and I decided on the best escape route if there's a fire, and we'll escape together. And Roary and Barry and Iorek are always there to protect us.

Francie and I are emailing each other a lot – we're good friends, which is good because Aunt Elizabeth is marrying her dad, so we're going to be cousins when they get married! Francie misses her mom, who works a lot and can't visit her as much as Francie wants. I don't know what it would be like to only see Mom once or twice a month.

My room is feeling more like it's mine again, and I'm really liking the bunk beds. And I like fixing up my dollhouse – it's beautiful now! I used my paint set and some bits of wallpaper Mom gave me to decorate the walls, and then put in the furniture where it looked right, and the fixer-upper is fixed! I got some new dolls in my Easter basket that are just the right size to play in it, so I've given them each a room and now it's their home!

Robin is having trouble hearing things right because he was sick when he was little, so Grandma Mira got him a cool microphone and headset to help him. It's really fun to play with, but Grandma Elly doesn't like it that much and tried to take it away. She's only really fun when she lets us do stuff we usually can't, so we didn't mind when Dad said she wouldn't be babysitting much for a while.

I'm getting hungry, and it's almost time for dinner, so I'll stop now – it's Aunt April's birthday, and there's cake!


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