dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Mira's Letter, April 2008

We've had a lot of false starts waiting for spring to arrive but it look like we've finally turned a corner. I can hardly wait for the snow to melt so I can get the garden ready for another year. Speaking of false starts, the people in Milborough are getting ready for another thing I can hardly wait to see. I've just been told that Captain Action's sister Elizabeth is engaged to the morose bag of nothing they waved under my nose last Christmas. From what little I am allowed to know, it would seem there was no passion in their proposal. Deanna described what amounted to a business merger as being something grand and glorious. Super. At least she has feelings for her stumblebum husband; Elizabeth is getting married she doesn't really care for so she can prove that she's not a failure as a woman. Hell, even I know how far behind the times that is. Too bad they're mired in the fifties. I mean, they even want her to wear her grandmother's dress that they found in a crawlspace. I got a lot of well-deserved heat for trying to shove my tastes down Deanna's throat but they can make her wear something that it cost a two or three mortgage payments to repair. Like I said, last month, they're crazy As 'fun' as listening to the antics of the disturbed sounds, what makes it all the better is that the screaming maniac martiarch has appointed herself Wedding Planner. It hurts a bit knowing that the things I did out of love will always be regard as interference when the vulgar abomination she unleahes will be seen as a great thing. Watching her screeching, flapping her arms like a bird trying to take off and noisily blowing her repulsively bulbous nose because of some minor crisis should make up for that, though. If only she were to get the help I did with my control issues. It seems clear there's something wrong with her that needs more than a kick to the rump to fix. For starters, she could she could lose the negative attitude. It's as if she's only happy when she's got something to complain about. Worse, her negativity is infectious. That's why Deanna married a helpless do-nothing. That's why Liz settled for a dreary boob. That's why the wedding will be an atrocity. I've never seen a train wreck before so I'm looking forward to further developments. Heck, maybe there'll be a fist fight when Caine's ex wife shows up. Anyway, thanks for your patience and I'll talk to you next month.


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