Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Oh, it was just a RUMOR.

The latest latest from Lynn: She's not going to start the strip from the beginning in September! That was just a RUMOR. See, the REAL plan is that she IS going to start from day one, but she's going to REDRAW the strip in the new, "looser" style. With large "honkers," of course. So she's not really starting from the beginning. Or something.

Johnston’s style evolved over the years, and her current 2008 style looks much different from her older, “looser” style. That difference will, presumably, be eliminated or subdued under the new plan. Henceforth, beginning next September, all the strips published will be in the “looser” style. By then, she intends to wind up all the present yarns in the strip, gathering up the loose ends into a tidy ball. April and Anthony will somehow arrive at a future together — or not; and the stroke-ridden grandfather, Jim, will probably die.

APRIL and Anthony? And "future together -- or not"? I don't know if this person is talking completely out of their ass, or if they made a transcribing error, like when that one reporter said we'd get the backstory on "Deena." All I know is that if Lynn wants to badly to be like Sparky, she should do what he did and JUST RETIRE AND BE DONE WITH IT.

Thanks to nightshine for the link.

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