E. E. Knight (eeknight) wrote in binky_betsy,
E. E. Knight

Enchanted dialogue vs. FOOB

The delightful movie Enchanted came out on DVD today. Cute, fresh twist on the whole Disney Princess genre. As I'm hopeless when it comes to imaginative, well-written schmaltz (especially if there are a couple good songs), I had it in my grubby little hands by lunchtime.

Early on in the film, the single-dad father tells (not asks, but then he's portrayed throughout as a caring, concerned, attentive father who is very much in charge of his child) his six-year-old daughter that he's asking his girlfriend to marry him. The stunned and slightly distraught girl looks at him and says "Do I have to give up my bedroom?"

(Apologies for the "vanity" post, but I thought it was an interesting enough similarity to warrant a mention.)

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