dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

The Shape of Foobs to come.....

Now that the Settlepocalypse is finally upon us, there are some things I think we can all agree that we'll see:

- John and Elly will be happily dumbfounded by the thing they've been hoping for for the last five years.

- Michael will say something hatefully insensitive and go unpunished.

- April will comment on how her interests have been thoughtlessly shoved aside and get yelled at for being a picky-face.

- Jim will magically recover so he can dance at the wedding.

- Therese will make trouble by showing up and suggesting the the Noble and Heroic Childrearing Methods of the Pattersons are instead made of fail. Her attempt to take Francoise away from her loving home will be frustrated as the child flees from the blaspheming trollop in horror.

- Not only will Warren attempt to stay the proceedings, two misshapen freaks claiming to be Eric and Paul will plead pathetically for Elizabeth's forgiveness for their sins against her. After she quite correctly tells them to crawl back uder their rock, they'll go back to the sewers to worship the unexploded nuclear war-head.

- Long-forgotten characters will show up for the last big story line.

- Both Weed and Candace will be so amazed by the glory of the proceedings, they will want a wedding like that for themselves.

- The wedding itself will have captions that depict the other three couples with the appropriate phrase from the wedding service. Thus we will have John and Elly associated with "for better or for worse", Mike and Dee with "for richer and for poorer", Jim and Iris with "In sickness and in health" and finally Lizthony with "as long as ye both shall live".

- After the reception, Elly will reflect on how the last of the children whose wedding she expects to be alive to see grew up so fast and think back. Back to when they were shopping for her first big girl bed. This will launch us into the time freeze.

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