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Meredith's March 2008 Letter

Hi everybody!

It's March now, and Miss Corbeilson says it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I really hope it does, because last month was really mean and growly.

Robin didn't like the colour of his room, so Dad said he'd have to sleep somewhere else while it was being painted. Even though there's lots of room in the house, his crib got put in my room and I had to share everything. Dad took a really really long time to finish painting it, so it got pretty annoying having Robin in my room all the time. He wanted anything I had, even when I was helping Dad peel carrots for dinner and said the Galaxy game should be his and Dad made me share it and I couldn't go outside without a grown-up and there wasn't anything on TV and I was too hungry to read so all I could really do was wait for him to finish. And then he tried to get me in trouble with Dad for just looking at him. We fought a bit and then Dad made us go to bed early. Dad was getting angry so we pretended to be asleep until after he came to tuck us in. We were too hungry to sleep for real. Then Robin went to get a box of cookies he'd hidden earlier and we shared them. He can be an okay brother sometimes, so I got my flashlight and I read the new dinosaur book April got me under the covers to him until he fell asleep.

I wanted space that was just for me so I wouldn't always feel like fighting with Robin for being in my room when he can't help it so when April came over to babysit, we made a fort over my bed with some blankets and stuff so that I had a little room that was just for me. Robin saw it and wanted one, too, so we made one over his crib. He wants a big boy bed, and since his room is going to be fixed anyway we asked Mom if he could have one and she said yes!

We got to play outside some on the weekends, but the snow wouldn't pack right so we couldn't make snowmen or anything and Dad wouldn't pull us on the sled, so we just came inside when we got cold.

Grandma Mira and Grandpa Wilf sent me a Valentine's Day present – a big heart-shaped box of chocolates with a teddy bear on it! I named her Val and she's made friends with Barry and sits next to him at night.

When we went to go buy a new bed, Dad said that we were getting a new bed for me and Robin would be getting my old bed because it has sides, even though it still fits me okay and the sides can come off. It wasn't even new when I got it after we moved here. A new bed is okay, but Dad wanted me to get a bunk bed so I could have sleepovers with my friends or for Robin to stay with me when there was a guest even though there's still the big bedroom downstairs that no one's sleeping in and a guest could use. And I never bring friends home and I've never asked to have a sleepover, so I don't know why Dad thinks I'd need a whole bed for that.

School is better; Miss Corbeilson is teaching us how to add bigger numbers now. It's tricky to figure out how they carry over, but I'm doing okay. A new girl, Karina, moved to town, and Miss Corbeilson told us to make her feel welcome, so I told her she could come for a sleepover sometime since I have the new bunk beds.

I've been emailing Francoise. she says Aunt Liz and her Daddy are spending a lot of time together and ignoring her, so she gets to go on the computer more. I told her about my new bunk bed, and she said hers is fun – if you're on the top bunk, you're taller than your parents, so you don't have to look up at everything all the time.

The bed is okay, now. I have a new desk under it to write and draw and work on my homework and stuff, and my bookcase is next to it so I can get stuff from the high shelves when I'm on the top bunk. The first night I had it, Robin got scared and asked if he could sleep with me. Since the fire, he's been scared that if he's all alone in the room, then no one will remember he's there if there's a fire and he'll get burned up. I told him that Roary and Iorek and I would be sure to go after him, and his Super Teddy would help him get somewhere safe. He felt better, but still wanted to spend the night with me. I think he misses his old crib a little, even if a big bed is better. We slept on the bottom bunk, but the top bunk will be mine when he doesn't need company – I like being up high!

I need to go now – there's a drawing of a lion that I need to finish for my homework, and Roary keeps telling me I should do a tiger instead.

Bye, everyone!
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