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Mira's Letter, March 2008

I've always wondered what a letter from Mira would look like. My guess is that we'd see something like:

Here it is March again after an old-fashioned winter. Soon enough, the snow and ice will give way to flowers and green grass. I just wish worrying about Deanna would give way to not living in a state of apprehension. Case in point: In my latest phone call with Meredith, I was told two things the alarmed me. The first was that it took seven months after he'd taken posession of his parent's old house for the idiot to decide that my grandchildren should have their own bedrooms. Second, I was told that she'd gotten a "bump bed". A "BUMP BED." Deanna then explained that she'd gotten the idea (by which she, of course, meant rubber-stamped her twit husband's reckless notion) of buying my grandchild a loft bed. When I asked her why she'd do such a questionable thing, she responded that she'd got the idea from someone named Anthony Caine. It seems that young (ha! she looks ten years older than her brother) Elizabeth is sort of dating a single father. I haven't been able to pry many details away from anyone about what their story is but what little I hear of their relationship and, for that matter, the young man himself doesn't fill me with the same romantic feelings it inspries in the Pattersons. I remember him from that nasty Christmas dinner and feeling underwhelmed. Not only was I looked at with angry stares for delaying their appalling gorging for the ninety seconds it took to say grace, I was also asked to fawn over a revolting little worm the shrieking harridan mother and imbecile dentist father were hailing as a modern-day Sir Galahad. It seems this hero has his three year old sleeping on the top bunk. It's as if there's something in the water that makes them reckless when it comes to child safety. Instead of steering clear of bad advice from silly people and saving money by buying a regular bed with a trundle bed underneath, Deanna slavishly copies the bad example of people her lunatic mother-in-law approves of. I'm beginning to think she's beyond human aid. Andrea, I can work with. I can get past the disappointment of her eloping because she's otherwise sane. Deanna looks like she's gone nuts trying to fit in with the crazies. I'd like to continue with this but I have too many things to do today. Thank you for your patience and I hope to get in touch with you soon.

Yours, Mira.
Tags: retcons

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