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The Pets' Letter, March 2008

Greetings. It's Liz, with a quick update on the animals. I have a class to prepare for and tests to correct, so I don't have a lot of time to write this.

I don't see much of Buttsy; she's a very cute rabbit though. Deanna says that her kids figured out there was a rabbit in the rec room of the house this past month, and they got into a fight over who got to play with it. That's just like Deanna's kids--always fighting, except when they are unconscious. Thank goodness my students are not like them. I'd like to get a bunny for my students, but then, I'd have to take it home with me over the summer holidays (and all the other holidays!) and with my spending so much time over at Anthony’s house these days, I am afraid I would come back to my apartment and find Shiimsa had eaten it. Oh well. It was a nice thought, if Shiimsa was a bit more sociable.

Speaking of Shiimsa, she knows something's up. She's noticed that I almost never spend any time in my apartment anymore unless I am trying to fool friends or family into believing Anthony and I are not living together. She's miffed, but not as miffed as she was the first week I spent over at Anthony’s and forgot to come back and feed her. She shredded the curtains and left all kinds of little presents all over the apartment that time. My little joke with Shiimsa is that since I am hardly at the apartment anymore, she owns the place and I am the visitor. Isn’t that funny? I think home ownership suits her, because she is very affectionate whenever I see her. She jumps on my shoulder and purrs, when I am typing on the computer; instead of her old habit of deleting all my computer work by leaping on the keyboard.

When I finally move in with Anthony after we are married and everyone knows about it (I am telling you, because nobody reads these Pets' letters anyway), she'll like the new place, I hope. It's tiny in comparison to the Sharon Park Drive house, but she won’t have to worry about missing meals. Her routines are of the utmost importance to her. She'll have to work out new ones again in Anthony’s house. I should say, “and my house too.” Until then, Shiimsa has to stay in the apartment. It would certainly “give away” my living situation with Anthony if Shiimsa was at his house too. Besides there are definite perks to the apartment, I may not ever want to give up. What most people don’t realize is that Anthony’s house on Weaver Street is the same house Gordon Mayes grew up in, and so it is within walking distance of Mike’s house and mom’s house. My apartment is all the way across town, near the school where I teach, and hardly anyone from my family goes there to visit. That can be a real blessing when I want to get away from everyone.

The dogs are doing fine. I drove by my mom’s house and I saw Eddy and Dixie in the yard and they both seemed to be alive.

Anyway, I need to be off. I have a litter box to clean, and vacuuming to do, and those teaching things too. Take care.
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