Megan_Koumori (megan_koumori) wrote in binky_betsy,

March 1st, 2008

I hope Candiru doesn't mind me making a place holder for tonight. I want to do the strip for Saturday if that's ok. I'll come back and edit when the strip's up.


Panel one: That's a sweet picture of Randace. I think I'll blow it up and put it on the blog. And Liz is politely booting them out by using work as an excuse.

Panel two: I'd recognize that hat and coat anywhere; it's the same set Candace wore in Uni when she and Lizardbreath were roomies. And I'm confused on the setting. I thought Liz was renting a basement. Now it appears she has a garage. Her apartment seems too nice for a basement; I thought it was Randace's apartment a few days ago until I noticed Shiimsa.

Panel three: You don't have time for visitors? Then why the hell did you invite them over, GV? Because it's not Candace and Rudy's style to drop by unannounced; Candace even says so back in one of the Uni strips. Meanwhile, Shiimsa prepares for the attack.

Panel four: At least she's not screaming at the cat. And consider yourself lucky, Liz. I have a ten month kitten here who climbs on me like that and tries to nurse. Not fun. And when I push him off, he just jumps back up.

Edit: Forgot to mention: Candace's hair has gone back to it's natural red. She's had it black since it grew out and since I usually wait and read the site's b/w version, I hadn't noticed the change.

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