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Lynn to end current stories in September .. no, for real this time! We think...

I came across this article while browsing the wire at work and for a moment thought I was reading a repeat of something last year. No, this is current and discusses the mangled "hybrid" and Lynn's marriage falling apart. She says that once the strip ends, she is just going to reboot the entire thing and retcon stuff in the process by "fixing" strips.

Some highlights:

About the current storylines and the rebooting: "Johnston says she will end the current plotlines of her 29-year-old strip by September. Then she will do something unheard of in the comic strip world: start from the beginning again, rerunning the old strips -- but tinkering with some to "augment" or "fix some of the stuff," she says in a phone interview from her home in Corbeil, Ontario. She also will have to redraw a number of strips for which original images are missing, she says."

This time, we'll know when the current story ends: "But Johnston does plan to say goodbye to her readers when she ends the present-day story. "There will be some printed material the day following the strip's story line ... ending," she said.

"I don't know exactly word for word, or I'd have it all written out in front of me. But I know what I want to say after all this time. I want to give a special message to everybody from me personally and thank the people that I've worked with and segue into the beginning again."

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