Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, June 11

Whoa! You mean they've actually made a decision? We don't get two more weeks of puns and philosophy?

Panel 1: As others have commented, this car does have an odd size and shape.

Panel 2: Elly's got the Triangular Mouth of Joy. John, predictably, looks truculent.

Panel 3: And now Elly has no eyes as she talks about the car as if they're actually going to buy it. Well,'s got every feature she wanted, you guys agreed that she was going to get a new car, and Gordon's going to work with you on the financing...Did you only come down to the dealership because you had nothing better to do? That's what people do at dealerships, after all: buy cars.

Panel 4: Well, perhaps all Elly heard was the word "buy". But personally, I'd smack Cookie Monster if he was ever that condescending.
Tags: crevasse, gordon, john is whipped

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