Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, January 22

Panel 1: Well, all right! This is what the strip needs: exposition! Bring us up to speed on a character, and tell us something relevant. But, refresh my memory on Bergan. Was he a private teacher, or the teacher at the school? If he was with the school, I should think she wouldn't still be getting instruction from him. Unless he also does outside teaching, and encouraged her to stick with his program. In which case, perhaps April's musicianship should be taken more seriously, if he thinks she's worth that much of his time. Or it could simply be that Bergan is April's music teacher now and forever and the hell with plausible continuity.

Panel 2: So anyway, jazz! Cool! Like Phil, IIRC!

Panel 3: Oh jeez. Well, I can be fairly confident that April won't get all butthurt about this and call Jim crazy.

Panel 4: Isn't it interesting how reasonable Iris is when she's dealing with April, instead of one of the attention-hogging, high-strung Pattersons. And April's pose indicates just the right amount of sadness.

Panel 5: Eh, so it's a pun. It doesn't come off as a breezy dismissal of the situation, so it's cool.
Tags: grandpa, iris, musical april, stroke aftermath

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