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Candace's monthly letter

Subject: Blog December 2007
Date: January 1, 2008
From: CurlyCanuck

Hello everyone. This is Candace, aka CurlyCanuck (Something I can’t stand: People whose online aliases are totally unoriginal, like LizP81.).

So December was uneventful except for Christmas. Rudy and I went to his folks’ house for the big day. His dad made the turkey while Rudy, his step mom and I played pool in the basement. Then we watched some Christmas specials.

I’ve never met Rudy’s real mom. According to Rudy, she’s an American who moved back to St. Louis after she and Rude’s old man split. Rudy says she works at the St. Louis Science Center doing maintenance and is living with some guy, but he won’t say anything else. Apparently the divorce was pretty ugly, and it still hurts him to think about it. That’s ok. If he wants to talk, I’ll be there to listen.

Speaking of families, I got a couple emails from my mom. She and Jordan are having problems. Oh big freaking shock. Ever since she and my dad divorced, it's been one boyfriend after another. First it was Walter, who I liked despite the fact he was still married (Separated and living apart, but still married. He dumped my mom so he and his wife could work it out and they're now living in Winnipeg.). Then Jordan, the world's biggest creep. Then Dhanesh, then Jordan, then Ralph, then Pacey, then Jordan. This was all before I was fourteen. There have been miscellaneous guys she's seen once or twice when she and Jordan break up for a couple weeks. But somehow she and Mr. Molester always wind up in bed together. Ew.

The only other thing I’ve got to report is the hole where my nose is pierced got an infection. There was a big, pus-oozing sore around the opening and it hurt like hell. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and told me to keep the stud out. The infection’s all but gone (It’s still a little tender to the touch), but the hole closed. Now my nose looks naked. Rudy told me that if I had anymore holes in my head, my brains would fall out. That led to a pillow fight. I’ll never understand why Rudy insists on sleeping on feather pillows. They may be soft, but the spines stick through the fabric and poke you. That and they’re itchy. Give me cotton or give me death!

My office is opening back up on the fifth and I’ve got some reports that I’ve been putting off! Can’t wait until next month! It’s my birthday!
Ok, I know last night I had wanted Francie, but to be honest, after writing her letter, I wrote one for Candace. It felt much more natural writing for her, and since someone already wants Francie, I'm willing to give her up.
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