Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, January 6

Panel 1: Freakishly Advanced Merrie (not to be confused with Freakishly Advanced Francie or Scarily Regressed Robin) plays with her kid-bling. There's that Big Bird-looking creature some kid dressed up as a few Halloweens ago. Plus a cowboy, a vanity (is that dollhouse furniture, or has Lynn given up on perspective?), a psychedelic minivan, a doll that reminds me of Britney Spears, some cosmetics, drawing pad and pens, a change purse, a clock that somehow balances on its side, a coffee cup (hey, gotta start early!) and something that looks like Battleship. And of course, she chose the toy that makes noise.

Panel 2: Okay, the lips are just ridiculous. Faux-Big Bird is doing an Alfred Hitchcock impression. Perhaps he knows something.

Panel 3: What, is she so terrified of boredom that she has to clutch Deanna for comfort?

Panel 4: You know, it's supposedly one of life's mysteries, but I think I understand. When you get that many toys all at once, you go into sensory overload. You're overwhelmed, and can't choose one thing to concentrate on. So you perceive it as boredom, because you really don't know what to do for amusement.

Panel 5: Whoa, chillax, princess. Where the frak does the hostility come from? Unless there was something in Deanna's tone. Which, come to think of it, there could have been. Someone earlier today recalled Deanna's "voice of reason becomes voice of rage" moment. Perhaps she did get loud first.

Panel 6: Oh great.

Panel 7: Well, it was either that or destruction of property. ETA: And I wonder who gave Robin that train set?

Panel 8: Oh, not funny, Lynn. I didn't think it was funny when Mike an' Lizzie did it either.

Panel 9: And Robin's laughing as Merrie gets hauled off to the clink.

Panel 10: Well, at least we're seeing a Patterson admit failings. Such as potty-training one's child. ETA: What's Elly doing at the house, anyway? But at least she's not sticky-outy-tongueing.
Tags: doormat deanna, elly supermom, pattersons aren't perfect??, patterspawn

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