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Friday, January 4

HelloMetro link:

Panel 1: Oh for crying out loud. You two have been griping about getting old since the '80s. Or, perhaps not. Perhaps only Elly was. I do recall Connie being devoted to exercise and a healthy (not starvation) diet, way back when. To which Elly said, "You were born with a slim build, and I was built like this. It's fate!" Then Mike said "What's fate?" and John said "It's 'fat' with an E on it," as a coffee cup flew at his head.

At any rate, though, Connie has engaged in these OMG We're Getting Old discussions before. IYAM, it started when you started talking about it. I think I mentioned this before: I'm 37, and a few months ago, a stranger thought I was a teenager ditching school. (Mostly the way I was dressed, but still.)

Panel 2: How meta! Yes, they have come suddenly for you! Odd, isn't it.

Panel 3: I don't hardly recognize your silhouette, either. Seriously, she looks eighty.

Panel 4: This makes no sense. As I said, for years we were shown that Connie did diet and exercise, and that should still be evident. Was the plastic surgery meant to have gone horribly wrong? Was she a sun-worshipper? The way she looks now should not have "just happened."

Panel 5: AAUUGHH!

Shoot, Elly finally exhibits some techno-savvy, and it's that. Anyway, what good is Photoshop? People are still going to see the REAL you. And I think most everyone is too critical of their own photographic image.
Tags: 50 is sooooooo old, connie, grotesque elly

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