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Meredith's January 2008 Letter

[While Meredith is making progress in learning how to type, April helped her with this letter a little!]

Hello everyone!

My name is Meredith and I am writing my first letter to you. I will start by telling you a bit about me!

I started Primary last September. My teacher is Miss Corbeilson and she is nice. She likes to read to the class and lets us take naps after lunch. My favorite foods are chocolate cake, spaghetti, and carrots. I go to swimming and skating. I want to take ballet classes someday.

I like to play with Zoe, Millie, and Kayla! They are my best friends! Millie started a club for us and we meet together at the same tree on the playground every day to play.

I want to be an explorer when I grow up because I like to see new things.

My favorite toy is my blue stuffed bear, Barry. I got it from Grandma Mira when I was two. When my old apartment was on fire, I took Barry with me and he is the only one of my toys who escaped with me. Dad showed me how to tie a napkin around his neck and make him fly and make him a Super Teddy. Mom doesn't like this and now I make sure that Super Barry doesn't fly at anything that can break!

My favorite movie is The Golden Compass. I like Lyra because she is a girl who goes on lots of adventures even though she's just a kid and has an awesome pet called a Daemon. I want a daemon of my own, but Mom says I can't have one.

I like music a lot. My favorite song is The Cat Came Back, but I like to sing a lot of songs.

My family is big! There are twelve people in my family and four pets. I don't have a pet of my own, but I feed Aunt April's bunny, Butterscotch. I like to play in the snow in my spare time or play with my toys!

My Mom is Dee and is very nice. She takes me to all my activities. My brother Robin is three and likes to eat dirt. April would like me to say that I shouldn't be mean like that. Aunt April is very very nice! She watches me all the time and babysits me and Robin a lot since we had to move in together when my old home burnt up. April likes to read with me and build blanket forts! My Dad, Mike, likes to write in his room and doesn't like to be disturbed. He is an author and published his book a few months back! We had to go to the store where everyone wanted him to write in their books, which I thought he did already. Grownups are weird.

Grandpa John likes to build trains and filled the yard in his new house with lots and lots of tracks and towns and stuff. They're fun to play with, but he doesn't like to share. I like it when Grandma Elly babysits, because then I can go exploring in places that Mom and Aunt April don't let me.

My Aunt Elizabeth lives in her apartment with her kitty and likes to visit with her friend Anthony.

I love Grandma Mira. She always plays with me, lots of fun games, and always gives me the best toys. Grandpa Wilf doesn't always play, but he likes to watch me play or read with me.

Great-grandpa Jim and Great-grandma Iris are very old and I need to be very quiet when I visit. Great-grandpa Jim is very sick and has to nap a lot. He was in a big war a long time ago and likes to watch the Remembrance Day ceremony on TV.

December was fun, because we had Christmas, but it was a really really long wait. At school, we did stuff all month to help everyone get ready for the holiday. We learned about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and Solstice too! There are kids in our class who celebrate all kinds of different holidays, but we all like making crafts, we all get vacation, and we all get presents so it doesn't really matter how we do it.

We had a gift fair where everyone got to buy presents for their family. I brought in my allowance and bought Dad a fancy new pen and Mom some pretty earrings and Robin a toy car and Grandma Elly a ceramic muffin and Grandpa John a little plastic train and Aunt Elizabeth a rubber lizard because when I asked Daddy he said that she'd really like it and I got Aunt April a green plastic harmonica because I heard Aunt Elizabeth took hers and I got Grandma Mira a beautiful necklace and Grandpa Wilf a deck of cards with pictures of doggies on them. Then I got some gift wrap and wrapped them all by myself so that no one would be able to peek at them when I got home.

I made a snowman for Mom out of cotton balls and glitter and construction paper. Miss Corbeilson said I did a really good job on it and Mom put it on a table in the living room. But the next day I looked and looked and I couldn't find it and Mom said she didn't know where it went. Dad found it a week later in the Central Vacuum canister and Mom said she must have accidentally caught it when trying to clean up the glitter it spilled on the carpet.

We had the entire family plus Anthony and his daughter Francoise over for Christmas dinner. Mom said that the only presents we were getting from everyone was food, which made me kinda scared because even though there were presents under the tree they were wrapped and might have had salads or bread in them. I was so worried that I called Grandma Mira and asked her about it. I talk to her every week on the phone when Mom and Dad don't let her visit and I knew she asked me before what I wanted for Christmas and it would have been mean if she'd just been planning to give me bread instead. She told me not to worry and that I'd get plenty of nice presents. I told her thank you and was happy even when Mom told me to go put on my itchy tights and dress for dinner because Grandma always gives me the best presents and I wouldn't be sad even if everyone else gave me turkey and salad and stuff.

Mom was wrong because I got presents from everyone, even her, which is weird because she said food is the best present when people are coming to your house. Mom gave me some new dolls and Dad gave me an empty journal which he said I should start writing in so that I can become an author like him someday. Aunt Elizabeth gave me a calculator to help me in school except that my teacher said we need to learn to use our heads and not have to use a calculator for everything. Aunt April gave me some books on dinosaurs that I can't wait to read and a pretty new scarf. Grandma Elly gave me and Robin gift certificates that say they're for 'Quality time with Grandma' and socks. Grandma Mira gave me a soft toy tiger with pretty orange and black stripes that she told me could be my daemon. I love it and named it Roary! I take him everywhere! She also gave me a stuffed polar bear just like Iorek and the Golden Compass soundtrack. I love the music! Grandpa Jim gave me a little old silver watch on a chain that he said belonged to my other great-grandma! It's very old and I promised him I'd take good care of it. I'm keeping it safe in a box in my room because it's too nice to take to school every day and I don't know how to put it on. Great-grandpa says the metal bit goes through a buttonhole, but all my jackets just have zippers.

For the big Christmas Dinner I ate in the kitchen with Aunt April, Robin, and Francie. Francie was nice but a little weird. She got really scared when the salad was passed around and told us to be careful not to eat any fingers. She didn't seem to be joking, so I checked and there wasn't any.

It's almost New Year's Eve and Aunt April told me I might get to stay up until midnight this year! Mom and Dad don't want to let me, but she says that if they go to a party for it and I'm in bed before they get back, it's okay.

My fingers are tired now. I'll have to practice and write more next month!
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