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April's Letter, January 2008

April's letter, behind the cut. (This isn't meant to affect ARB continuity, BTW.)

April's Letter, January 2008

Hey, peeps, it's me, April! You might remember that my family all told you that our September 2007 letters would be our last, but we discovered that we missed writing them, and some of you have said you missed reading them. So, I guess we're back!

Guess what? Last month, I passed my road test and got my G2 licence! That means I can drive without an adult in the car and I can drive on any roads in Ontario. Normally, I'd have to wait a year between getting my G1 and going for my G2, but because I took driver's ed, I was allowed to reduce that to eight months. Next December, I get to go for my full G. The G2 has some restrictions to it, mainly limiting the number of teenage passengers I'm allowed to have between midnight and 5:00 AM. So I've been driving up a storm, or at least whenever I've been able to convince Mom or Dad to let me borrow one of their cars. And of course I am saving up to get my own. I kind of reminded Mom that she basically gave Liz her current car, not the mention the "beater" she got Liz back when she got licenced in the ye olden days. But Mom just kinda sticks her fingers in her ears and la-la-la's.

As you probably know, I had to spend our Christmas dinner in the kitchen as an unpaid babysitter to Merrie and Robin and Anthony's kid Francie. Mike, Dee, Mom, Dad, and Liz all tried to convince me that I didn't miss anything, especially since Mira did a long grace, but my feelings were hurt, and I didn't get to see as much of my grandpa as I would have liked. At least I got to play my guitar for him a for bit after the meal.

Back in October, my band played its last gig, which was "Wicked Wednesday." Besides Gerald, no one was really into it anymore. Gerald was mad at us for a while, but he got over it.

School has been kind of stressful, since I only have one more year after this one, and getting into pre-vet programmes is really competitive. I had to check the pre-reqs for the pre-vet programmes in Manitoba and also at UGuelph, in case I decide to go there, and I'm really going all out with the studying. Fortunately Duncan is, too, and he's been a great studying partner. Gerald mostly cares about practicing his drums.

Did anyone catch Becky on Milboroughian Idol this past season? In case you missed it, she made it all the way to the final two, and then that girl Lucy from the Saint Narcissus Separate School won.

You probably know about Michael's book Stone Season coming out recently. They had a book signing at Lilliput's, though Mike ended up spoiling a bunch of the books by writing the wrong thing in them. Moira wasn't too happy about having all those spoiled books on her hands. Mike didn't write what I wanted him to, but I guess it doesn't matter. I threw that book right under my bed as soon as I got home. English war bride? Please, I had to read enough books like that in my CanLit unit in English last year, no way am I going to read another by choice.

I've really enjoyed my time off from school, despite Mike and Dee assuming I'm available for babysitting whenever they feel like it. I read to Merrie and Robin a lot, and Merrie is really developing some interesting traits, like she wants to know everything about dinosaurs and I have to get her dinosaur books from the library as often as possible. Anyway, it'll be back to school January 7, and then I already have to start worrying about midterm exams, which are next month.

Mom has been doing her usual schizoid thing of going back and forth between being all "I shall lose the lard" with her dieting and her jogging with Connie Poirier, and gorging herself on, like, everything in sight. I'm hoping that once I get out of the house, I can learn to have a normal relationship with food and fitness.

As always, Dad has been spending as much time with his trains as possible--even moreso now than ever before, if you can imagine it. He finally stopped calling his fellow dentist at the clinic "Elliot" when Everett took a full-page ad out in the paper with "MY NAME IS EVERETT, YOU IDIOT!" across the top. The ad didn't mention anyone by name, but it was pretty obvious who it was meant for. No one is sure right now whether Dad has sold the practice to Everett, made him a partner, or just left him as an associate while cutting back on his own hours. It keeps changing depending on whatever mood Dad is in when you ask him.

I would tell you some things about Liz and her renewed relationship with Anthony, but she gets all touchy when anyone but her discusses her private life. And even then, you probably know how cagey and guarded she can be. Well, I hope she doesn't stick me with an ugly bridesmaid's dress. That is, if she's going to get married, and if she makes me a bridesmaid.

As you may know, I went to Gerald's New Year's Eve party, and we had that discussion about not talking about where we'll be in another year. A lot of people are confused because we seemingly broke up back in October. And now we seem to be talking about breaking up again. I'd like to explain things to you now, but I've been sworn to secrecy because we're still in the middle of telling that story!

Anyway, that's all I can think of to tell you right now. Have a fantastic 2008!

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