Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, December 28

Sorry I'm late!

Panel 1: John's enthusiasm face is creepy. It always seems inappropriate for the events he's crowing about. What is he on about, anyway? Mike put up a good tree? Because you know Delicate Genius will get all the credit, even if Deanna did everything from chopping it down herself on up, but DG put the star on top, so it's his tree. The gifts? Just the ones he got, or the ones everyone got? Is he passing judgment on what other people gave/got? And so forth. Why not "I had a good time" or "Deanna is a good hostess" and like that, instead of "That was a Christmas up to my standards! Kudos to Deanna and Mike!"

Panel 2: Yeah, the whole family over 18. That's another thing that kills me about the seating arrangements. April is a teenager that any parent would be proud of. You'd think they'd want her at the main table, if only to show off to Mira. But I guess if pressed, they'd say they are proud of her -- for assuming the babysitting duties no one else wants. She's gotten over that phase of saying "What about ME?"

Panel 3: Elly, too, looks inordinately pleased...about what, exactly?

Panel 4: Oh, of course. Well, I know I'm young, because I am so not ready to relinquish control of holiday dinner. I busted my ass Tuesday (and beforehand), but to me it was worth it. Guess putting the grand in grandma does not include hosting Christmas, not that it should, of course. But I think it's mainly because Elly is now a man, and therefore can no longer cook.
Tags: april who?, elly hates housework, grotesque elly, train man

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