Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, March 14

Another five-panel strip.

I forget who asked, and on what board, how April gets to Mike and Dee's. Now we know: she takes the bus.

But there seems to be a disconnect here. It'll take an hour to drive back in a car? I've never known a bus ride to take *less* time than a car ride. So, what, she just hops on the bus for a jaunt of more than an hour, then expects to be driven back? Or the visit was planned and discussed, with her arriving before Mike got home, and the expectation that either he or Deanna would drive her home? And is this supposed to be a weekday? You rarely know what day it is in FOOBtime.

Meanwhile, Deanna's bathing Robin in the sink again. There was some discussion of this practice on FT, but I forget what was said. At any rate, that was one *quick* bath! In panel 1, he's half-submerged, then in panel 2, Deanna's already walking away with him. He appears to be wrapped in a towel in panels 3 and 4, but in panel 5, he's wearing sleepers. How can she dress him that fast? And what the heck is she sitting on/leaning against? A futon with a featherbed on it, maybe?

And we see that Merrie still has her attachment issues. How DARE mommy pay attention to her brother and not her? I'm also wondering how Robin is able to say "Vrbp" and "Hic!" at the same time.
Tags: doormat deanna, patterspawn

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