Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, December 19

"Quotes": Four.

Panel 1: Cripes, everyone in this family is salivating to get Liz married off to Granthony.

Panel 2: Yeah, that was a non-answer, Mike. And as we've said, Granthony does have at least one parent.

Panel 3: Oh, I hate when Pattersons try to do etymology! And nice burn from Mike! Even though he looks ten.

Panel 4: Oh lordy. She's even joking about it. Yes, the Sobinskis are to be tolerated. By saints. Funny, though, that Deanna should go right to putting down her parents, which is okay, and skip over the matter of putting up with Elly, John et al. But it shouldn't be an ordeal for Granthony anyway, the way Elly and John fellate him.

ETA: Although I wonder why Mike says it's "safer" to put up with Wilf and Mira. Who's he afraid of -- Deanna, Wilf or Mira?
Tags: dickhead mike, doormat deanna, evil mira, granthony the amazing, lizthony, mike an' dee together, smug mike

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