Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, December 17

Panel 1: Huh, still in the present day. Now, this is odd. The Pattersons Senior are hosting 14 people, for a total of 17, even though they now have a smaller house. Is the kitchen smaller? The dining area? Is anyone staying overnight? If Elly's not ready to pass the holiday meal torch to Deanna (although to be fair, she may not want it), then perhaps they shouldn't have moved to the TTH so soon.

Also, what the hell is so small that Elly is chopping so forcefully? She'll lose a finger at that rate. April looks like a carp.

Panel 2: Oh. Well, forget all I said then. But in that case, why is Elly chopping and measuring? What is April eating -- walnuts? If I had something in my kitchen that looked like her -- propeller hair, bug eyes, crumbs falling from mouth, yellow stump where legs should be -- I'd tell it to get out too.

Panel 3: Talking with her mouth closed now! And leftovers? What's a leftover? And is April turning into Jeremy from Zits?

Panel 4: Whatever.
Tags: elly the martyr, elly's food orgy, the martian creature

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