Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, December 6

Panel 1: Okay, this is ridiculous. Francie looks like a teenager, and the configuration is as if Granthony is courting her from below her balcony. Also, he has a bubble butt and a flipper for a hand.

Panel 2: Liz looks like a jockey gearing up for a race. Why on earth couldn't she have timed her visit better so she could have had alone time with Granthony AFTER Francie went to bed? She just rushes out on him when he was probably looking forward to some snuggling? He does look disappointed, although that's pretty much his normal expression.

Panel 3: That's right, Francie! Sabotage!

Panel 4: To be fair, that's what I would say too. But it comes off as Liz martyring herself. Careful, Liz: if you're too agreeable, Granthony might choose his daughter over you after all.

Panel 5: Who is he rolling his eyes at? And I see: Liz is going to wait until she can get a proper goodnight. Wonder who'll cave first?
Tags: ass shot, francie, granthony, ice cream lady, lizthony, miss patterson, saint liz

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