Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, June 3

Okay. I am in my happy place. I am ready to analyze this strip.

Panel 1: I wonder why we get a long shot. Is it really necessary to see the entire attic, so that the "tickity-tap-tick-tap" has to be in a balloon that rises all the way up to the ceiling? And I thought Mike said in his letter that he could only stand up in the very center of the attic, where the roof peaked? And why was he so sulky about having to relinquish Weed's attic, if he has this, where he doesn't even have to leave the building?

Panel 2: ENOUGH WITH THE TEA. And is that ever a girly-man pose! All he needs is a pink pocketbook looped over his arm. And why is he sending an article to one paper, when he has a column syndicated in seven papers? ETA: Okay, I've been reminded that this is one of his "freelance gigs"; he probably doesn't want to jeopardize his position at Portrait. Still, a column can be humorous; an article can never be. (And has Lynn forgotten that she's changed the meaning of "gig"?)

Panel 3: Deanna looks frighteningly like Tootie the Tricycle Trout. Maybe that's why Merrie owns it.

Panel 4: Speed-freak eyes again. And I'm glad Mike can get some humor out of this situation. God knows Lynn can't. Seriously, don't you wonder about the kind of people who have been laughing at the Seaweeds banging on the ceiling? My mom says ceiling-banging is the kind of gag they had in radio shows like Fibber McGee and Molly, but I think she's losing her memory, because I've listened to recordings of FMcG, and they are orders of magnitude more clever than this (not to mention more so than a lot of shows on TV. It's like Frasier level, or Seinfeld). Either that, or the recordings I've heard were only the best of the best. Point is, this sequence IS NOT FUNNY.

Panel 5: But I digress. And this is one scary panel. Not only does it set a new record for sheer banality trying to be profound, but Mike and Dee look very much like six-year-old Mike and late-twenties Elly. And what kind of look is Deanna giving him? Does she think maybe it's time for Mike to get a psych eval?
Tags: did you know mike is a writer?, doormat deanna, kelpfroths, pattersons against the world, the delicate genius

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