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Sunday, November 24

Panel one: Dee runs after Robin, who is trying to run into a table and kill himself.

Panel two: He manages to hook himself under the table, and Dee is forced to pull him out. Q: If his legs are both dislocated, would the judge blame it on Dee or Mike? One's stressed and the other's negligent.

Panel three: Meredith pulls on her socks and Robin makes scrunchy faces. Elly is going to babysit!

Panel four: Robin's leg is bent around at a horribly unnatural angle. Meredith shows no signs of intelligence.

Panel five: Meredith is still not showing any signs of intelligence.

Panel six: Robin says 'whine', probably because his mother has her hand down his trousers. O_o Dee looks pretty shocked, too.

Panel seven: As Meredith begins to cry, Robin drops his trousers.

Panel eight: OH GOD THE DOORBELL RINGS. Dee is frozen in horror: what if it's Mike, come to upbraid her for letting the children be noisy? WHAT IF IT'S THE POLICE? WHAT IF THE NEIGHBOURS TELEPHONED THEM? OH NO!

Panel nine: Nope, it's Elly! Dee's relief is disturbing. Meanwhile, Meredith points and laughs at her trouserless brother.

And that's the end of my week. :D It's been fun, y'all.
Tags: crown prince poopie pants, did you know mike has kids?, doormat deanna, glurge, grotesque elly, the holy family, what age are these kids?

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