Ellie Watkins (bad_latin) wrote in binky_betsy,
Ellie Watkins

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Panel 1: Michael helpfully expositions that his father is in the bathroom and tries to come in and visit him. He is wearing pajamas that a clown threw up on. Exhibit J of "Elly and John are bad parents": they let him walk around in those things.

I notice he specifically asks if his father is taking a bath. Apparently John has switched away from showers after getting his ass scalded by his inquisitive genius son.

Panel 2: Mike tries several different variations (Dad, Daddy) and thicknesses of balloon text, panicking as the wallpaper shifts and bulges. He seems to have gotten into the acid Elly took in Tuesday's strip.

Also, while most people would say, "I know you're in there," Mike says, "I know you're in there." This implies that he has tried every other room in the house and has arrived at this by process of elimination. It is entirely possible that John is over at a neighbor's house doing some train-themed cosplay, and Michael's irritation is unwarranted.

Panel 3: Mike takes his cloven-footed teddy and goes off to pout. As with many of the strips over the past few weeks, out of context this is a mildly amusing humor-of-recognition type strip about the lengths parents go to for a much-needed break from their kids. Knowing the type of person Michael grows up to be, however, we are forced to see that his strains of selfishness run all the way back to his childhood, when he would not even let his father pinch a loaf in peace.

And of course, John-Rod looks bad once again. Did you get that? Because it's pretty subtle.

If the boring nature of this week's strips have made your eye-rolling muscles atrophy from lack of use, check out the picture on the main page! Michael gazes upward, the power of his Delicate Geniosity enabling him to physically see the memory. His floppy haircut and striped shirt make him look so dorky that he deserves to get beat up even aside from his sanctimonious expression. To his left, a blonde woman (who looks vaguely like his sister but is clearly an alien wearing her skin) eyes him sidelong, while her nose tries to crawl off the right side of her face and her toothless, tongueless mouth gapes wide, preparing to unhinge Muppet-style and eat Mike and his children whole.
Tags: lynn's dirty laundry, stupid john, the hybrid, young mike

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