Ellie Watkins (bad_latin) wrote in binky_betsy,
Ellie Watkins

Monday, November 12, 2007

Panel 1: John is playing checkers with his son. Despite the fact that Michael is a small child and John is an adult, the elder Patterson shows off his superior grasp of the game by making comments about the board with his eyes closed.

Also, the checkerboard is apparently 8 squares by 11 squares. Must be a Canadian thing.

Panel 2: John opens his eyes, the better to concentrate on his move, while his mock turtleneck climbs up his throat. Apparently his clothes don't want to hear any more Checkers 101, and neither does Michael, as he interrupts, boasting about his own cleverness.

Panel 3: John closes his eyes again and puts his son back in his place. Michael is so shocked that he immediately grows hair on his right arm.

Panel 4: Michael whips out his best Charlie Brown impression, employing block text and a wiggly-lined thought balloon, the better to get across his double entendre. Daddy cheats!

Oh Lynn, how deft your machinations, how subtle your art.
Tags: lynn's dirty laundry, stupid john, the delicate genius, the hybrid, young mike

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