TrumanFable (trumanf) wrote in binky_betsy,

November 11, 2007


Well, as usual Iris hasn't got a freakin' clue as to what is on Jim's mind and is not ever likely to, for that matter. She's got him all propped up in front of the telly and to her credit, tries to get him to watch the Remembrace Day ceremonies. We see nicely depicted scenes of Jim in wartime, as he grabs up a street urchin and keeps her out of harm's way while some European town I assume, gets shelled.

Then Meredith show up (what the hell, why not April, his standard caring progeny? Lynn's still throwing St. Michael's family at us as a reminder that he's STILL THE ALPHA MALE) and Meri asks if he got to see the show he wanted to watch. Give her a point for actually knowing what her great-grampa might want.

But Iris, fucking dumb as a post Iris, says with her typical I Am Right Because People Pity Me assurance, "No Meredith. He slept right through it."

How the blue hell does she know for sure? Was he snoring? Didn't see the zzz's and you know Lynn's the Queen of Onomatopoeia, she'd have those zzz's and a *snort!* and/or *Snerk!* thrown in to boot. Maybe what the announcer said triggered those memories and he just sat with his eyes shut and recalled them. That doesn't mean he SLEPT, Iris. Just because he doesn't have the ability to stare agog at the world like you do, doesn't mean he doesn't have it together otherwise. However, I notice when YOUR bug-eyed, potato-nosed, deer-in-the-headlights-stare showed up, he stopped going down memory lane. Maybe he realized that he was stuck in the now with Mrs. I'll-Speak-For-You-And-Get-It-Wrong and didn't see the point in even remembering the horrors of war, in the face of the now.

Besides, Asshat, Jim was THERE. He LIVED through it, he didn't particularly need to hear the ceremony to know what he went through.

I was really counting on this to be one of those nice straightforward tribute strips, but anytime Iris decides to "interpret " for Jim, I get pissed off. Maybe another reason I want to see Jim's RCAF days treated in the strip, is that Iris wouldn't be in it except to misinterpret him now and again. All I can hope for is that Jim will go into that Great Goodnight and a well-deserved eternal rest, and Iris will quickly fade and I don't care, die. Well, so much for my final entry post being an upbeat one. Damn Iris.

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to lead the snark this past week. It's been a blast.  Now go forth and thank a Veteran today, folks.

-- Truman Fable

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