Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in binky_betsy,
Lady Norbert

Saturday, October 27

I got tired of waiting for the official site to update, so I went Googling for the Yahoo colored version. Why the hell does Eva have WHITE hair?

Panel One: Gerald was "pretty bummed" that April doesn't want to be a professional musician. Yeah, he was "pretty bummed" in the way that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is "slightly off-balance." He tried to end their relationship over it, for pete's sake. Do you think he tried to break up with Duncan and Luis, too?

Panel Two: Eva wants to keep singing. Is there any reason she shouldn't? Or is she physically incapable of singing without Patterson music to back her up? April may be the Martian Child of the Patterson clan, but she does still retain some of those magic genes, I guess. No, wait, I've got it. If the band breaks up, Eva will almost never be in the strip again, and non-Pattersons don't have lives outside these panels. So if she's not singing with April, Eva can't sing at all. Meanwhile, to judge by April's expression, a large hairy insect is currently making its way into (or possibly out of) Eva's ear.

Panel Three: Make the most of the time you're still together, girls! Cue up the stirring violin music in the background. Nothing can separate a Patterson from his or her first true love -- maybe that's Eva instead of Gerald, for April? Oh, wait, no. That would actually be INTERESTING, unlike this strip.

Panel Four: And the only thing I can guess here is that the girls pulled out the eyeliner and attempted to make themselves look like Death from the Sandman comics, or possibly the main character from A Clockwork Orange. Then they sat back, turned on the school bus's internal DVD system, and started watching Beaches.

Schlocktober in the FOOBiverse crawls slowly to its long-awaited death. We can only pray that the strip follows.
Tags: 4-evah and eva, april's choice, eva, glurge, musical april

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