Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in binky_betsy,
Lady Norbert

Friday, October 26

Panel One: Pretty straightforward. Hard to snark Balding Teacher very much. April and Silhouette are the only students, but otherwise, this is just a setup panel. In other words, we could have done without it.

Panel Two: Who hit April with the ugly stick?! And random person we've never seen before isn't winning any prizes either. Notice that April can't be bothered to greet this individual of undeterminate gender in return.

Panel Three: Oh, unfamiliar person is wearing a skirt, so at that school, that means they're most likely female. "Have you got that history essay to write?" I'm not sure what the point of this question is. Does she want to copy the essay? Is she the homework police? And of course we have a bunch of "an's" to remind us that April is young and doesn't speak properly yet. I notice that she has a book to review -- you think they're forcing her to write a review of her brother's crap?

Panel Four: Again, a completely unnecessary panel -- devoted to a single sound effect! Give me a break.

Panel Five: Oh, hahaha. Way to shoot for the obvious pun. This is Lynn Johnston, saying "I have no intention of resolving the issue between April and Gerald, so I will generate a filler strip." Honestly, strips like these make me wonder if she doesn't have some sort of strip randomizer that just makes things up when she runs out of ideas. It would explain why we see so many of the same ideas over and over.

And in Coffee Talk: Drowning in Kool-Aid.
Tags: pattersons against the world

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