Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in binky_betsy,
Lady Norbert

Thursday, October 25

Panel One: April was different when she came back from Manitoba. I'm really glad Gerald is being so specific here, and explaining exactly HOW she was different. Did she get taller? Change her hairstyle? Stop eating bags of Snax (whatever the hell that is)? I'd like to think April returned from Manitoba with the self-confidence to recognize that she doesn't need her family's validation for anything, which would be a wonderfully healthy attitude given that she'll probably never get it anyway, but my point is, it would be great to have some kind of clue as to just how April changed over the summer. Even if LJ has to tell us instead of showing us, it would be something.

Panel Two: More telling instead of showing, but at least we get to learn something about April's summer. They taught me a lot and made me feel like I really belonged. Unlike the Patterson clan, who perpetually treats her like she's from another planet.

Panel Three: Taking this panel in combination with the second one? I think she actually did come back with increased self-confidence. And maybe that's exactly what Gerald doesn't like. April doesn't need him like she did before, to pay attention to her and make her feel valued. She has self-value. Taking very different paths? Lord, I hope so, because any path that leads her away from going roadside with you is a good one.

Panel Four: Oh, glurg. April, you FOOB, you have your chance to cut and run! Get away from the dumbass while you can!

And in Coffee Talk: A note from LJ, complete with the weirdest freaking signature I've ever watched write itself repeatedly.

EDIT -- At the time I caught the strip, the note from LJ was at the top of Coffee Talk. Since then, they've posted a bunch of messages -- none of which are giving up the Lynn love. I'm shocked! (Happily, though.)
Tags: 4-evah and eva, april at 16, april's choice, farm, the continental, vet

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