Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in binky_betsy,
Lady Norbert

Tuesday, October 23

Panel One: Ahh, now I'm cottoning on. April's concerned, as are Duncan and Luis, about their music interfering with their schoolwork. That's a lot better than I was fearing -- she's not trying to strike out on her own, etc. Their positioning is weird, though, the three boys sitting down with the two girls standing behind them. It's like they're posing for a grade school photo.

Panel Two: Not much to snark on the dialogue here. Luis and Duncan are handling this pretty maturely, although Duncan seems to have acquired a small child clinging to his back -- oh, no, that's just Eva. My mistake.

Panel Three: Gerald has a problem with them being a band for fun? The hell? You're sixteen years old, dumbass. Be a kid while you can. And his assertion that "We are, like, the best in this area!" is extremely (and suspiciously) vague. I mean...well, yes, Gerald, 4Evah & Eva probably does constitute the single best band whose members are all on that particular set of stairs. You're certainly the best band in this particular four-panel strip. I'm the single best author in a three-block radius, but who am I to brag?

Panel Four: Well, I'll be charitable and give Gerald some credit for recognizing that fame and happiness aren't necessarily found together. But honestly, he's coming across like a little kid here. "I don't waaaaaaannna be happy! I want you all to make me faaaaaaaamous!" I really love the looks on Duncan and April's faces, though. Duncan looks like he's ready to call the men in the white coats, and April looks as though she's discovered that Gerald does, in fact, smell like moldy cheese. Seriously, look at her nose and mouth; she looks like she's preparing to be sick.

Run, April. Run while you can.

Meanwhile, in Coffee Talk: "John A." gets in some magnificent zingers. Which of you was that? Most of the others are pretty bland, but fortunately the schlock factor is at a minimum. I like where "Sandy" recommends that Elly stop wearing her hair in a bun all the time -- was that one of you too? Her comment about how she's amazed that people are praying for Jim and Iris sounds like she's really being sarcastic, but carefully worded the sarcasm in order to slip it past the Lynnions.
Tags: 4-evah and eva, ambition is bad, the continental

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