Mimi (mimisgrotto) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday October 11th 2007

Sorry about the delay, I'd JUST finished and accidentally closed the window. ARGH!

Annnnd CUE FLASHBACK - as usual, delivered with all the narrative plausibility of using a sledgehammer to force a sack of potatoes into a cupholder

Panel 1: More proof that Iris is playing Elly for a sap and Elly wouldn't know a loaded statement if it dropped a load ON her. Who on earth says 'How sweet' these days and really means it? No, it's always delivered with 85% pure uncut sarcasm.

'Nice to get to know you'? Um, no, I don't think ten minutes of coffee in a hospital cafe is long enough to get to know someone. That's making acquaintances, not sizing up their BFF potential.

panel 2: Iris starts her sentence with 'Now'... that's Lynn's way of saying 'let's turn this conversation back onto Pattersons', a line of plotting we've all come to know and dread.
'And I was divorced!' That'sssss... an odd thing to just drop into a conversation, Connie. Is that her function in FOOB, to be The Divorced One?

panel 3: Iris delivers a cliche'd validation response, but judging by how her back's to the camera, she doesn't give a crap.
Look, I'm sure being a single mum is absolutely no picnic sometimes, but plenty of women manage to raise kids and work and yes Lynn, many of them are just fine with it, even HAPPY. Oh, but no, single mothers are only to be pitied. Hmmmm....

panel 4 flashback: Welcome to 1960. Married women apparently have no freedom once yoked to a husband and single mothers are terminally only a day away from welfare.

*looks up Corbeil on map, loads small ICBM*

Connie still has cooler clothes. Very mod, honey
Tags: connie, foob history, the hybrid

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